Saturday, January 15, 2011

When I was young

I was warm and bright, like a ray of sunshine
I shimmered like translucent bubbles carried away on the breeze
I radiated kindness
lived for hope
was earnest and involved

but underneath, surely
there was something a little sad
a bit sorrowful

a sliver of grief
that perhaps I pushed away
in pursuit of fairy tales and ever afters.

But as I have grown
and see myself now

I realize that what was hidden
and small
has grown and overtaken
like brambles on an old house.

Somehow I have become
what I should never have been
what I should have suppressed.

What was honorable and good
and positive
has given way

to negativity, doubt
cynicism and sarcasm

none of which is becoming
and most of which I would never
have believed to be possible

in the effervescent joy of my youth.

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