Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Today I heard about someone who is struggling with real serious true depression.  And then I heard someone else say, hours later, that they are the happiest they have ever been.

The vastness of the human experience has me bewildered this evening.

Before bed, my son wanted a jumbo muffin as a snack.  I tiredly explained to him, that he had already had one today, and so no, he could not have another.  He was bizarrely upset, and I was kind of sick of the theatrics and explained, as mothers do, that somewhere there are starving children that would be happy for any food today, because they have not eaten.

It stopped the tears, and I think he was genuinely confused by this, because it is such a foreign concept to his little naive brain.

And really it is such a strange concept to me.  Why does my kid have food, and some kid is dying of an empty belly?  Why is one friend at the end of their rope, and another having the time of their life.  Why do I live here in a free and plentiful land, and someone else is born into oppression.

I guess I should just throw up a big Thank YOU, and shut-up, but it generally has me paranoid, looking over my shoulder, and feeling guilty.

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